The Project

The project is executed by the Art Today Association – Plovdiv and financed by the Programme BG08 “Cultural Heritage and Contemporary Arts”, Small Grant Scheme “Contemporary art and culture presented and reaching a broader audience”, Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area.
Art Today Association was established in 1997 as a nongovernmental organization registered in public favor. The Association’s aim is to present alternative and experimental forms of contemporary art; to work for their study and documentation; to build an informational data base presenting contemporary authors; to prepare periodical and unique print materials for art; to create a multimedia laboratory and residence program; to implement training programs for young people; to organize seminars, discussions, workshops; to popularize its activity among wide range of people, giving priority to pupils, students and young people.

Since its establishment Art Today Association works for the building of the Center for Contemporary Art – Plovdiv. The association won the right to situate the Center in the Ancient Rome Bath premises, rebuild in the period of the Ottoman Empire. The building belongs to the Municipality and is a unique monument of culture from the 16th century with a specific interior.
The project LUMMIX Light Festival has the goal of creating an innovative cultural event, which happens in the city of Plovdiv and helps the cultural diversity and social fusion, trough the cultural dialogue. Among the specific goals of the project is creating a new art event, which includes creating a new exhibition of contemporary art, enriching the cultural live of Plovdiv, giving opportunity to isolated social groups to participate in cultural events and their direct involvement in the events, and giving opportunity for collaboration between local and international artists and participants from the Roma groups in front of wide audience with innovative works of art.


Events In Urban Environment

Three unseen in Bulgaria art installations, illuminating balloons, a concert, and a light art- show at the Central Square fascinated thousands of citizens of Plovdiv in the second evening of the LUMMIX Light Festival.

After the exhibition opening, the citizens of Plovdiv had the chance to see and to participate actively in the installations “Water Light Graffiti” in the Ancient Roman Stadium, “The Waterfall’s Imagination”on the Kamenitza Stairs and “Control No Control” next to the Central Post Office.

Programme 2016

Lummix Programme

Light installation made with the idea of artists from the Roma neighbourhood. Under the spotlight- a scene with music and dance performed by Roma participants.


Workshop in the Roma Neighborhood

Artists and young people from the Stolipinovo Roma neighborhood created together impressive light art installations and objects. Stolipinovo is the biggest urban ghetto in Bulgaria with around 40 000 citizens from Roma and Turkish origin, both Christian and Muslim.


In the Spotlight

The first evening of the Festival was organized in the heart of Stolipinovo (April 28th). A stage was built on the main street of the Roma neighborhood and it gathered large audience. Roma, Bulgarian and foreign people, children and grown-ups danced, sang and had fun together.




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